Professor Touba, spiritual healer

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Locked in your problems?

A path of life is strewn with various difficulties which are very often insurmountable without an appropriate help.

The marabout frees you!

Your marabout brings you personalized solutions to resume a serene and harmonious life.

Lack of luck, bewitchment, return of a loved one, anticipate the future, revelations, love ritual, white or black magic, etc … Contact your marabout Touba!


African healer

The main areas of intervention of Professor Touba

The spiritual healer Touba has the power to help you in four main areas of your life.


Touba’s white magic will help combat the evil eye, spells cast by enemies and people who want to hurt you.


With his clairvoyant gifts, Touba has the power to see into your future and help you make the right decisions for your well being.


Touba will guide you in maintaining your physical and psychical health.


Touba’s spells and philtres will help you to find and keep that special person, for your entire life.

The illustrious ancestors of the spiritual healer Touba

The Professor Touba comes from a great spiritual healers lineage where knowledge, secrets and rites are transmitted from generation to generation. The initiation to healing, clairvoyance and magic, is only promised to individuals who prove to be worthy to receive this ancestral teaching.


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Office in London and remote work.