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protectionIn these times, we all go to great lengths to protect ourselves against the bad things that might happen. We exercise and eat carefully to protect our health. We study safety procedures before embarking on a journey or enterprise. We take measures to protect ourselves against all kinds of fraud. Yet, there is another kind of evil that many people are unaware of. In every community, an unfortunate individual exists, a person for whom everything goes wrong, all of the time. The person and people close to him or her seem to be constantly ill, or accident prone, or out of work, or simply unlucky in love. It is quite likely that this person has fallen victim to a curse placed by someone else.

Perhaps you know someone who is suffering like this. Perhaps this person is you, constantly taking out prescriptions for health problems, and you find that the drugs are ineffective. Marabout Touba has access to the powers and prayers, rituals and amulets that bring healing forces into your life, forces that will dispel any black magic curse that has fallen upon you or people you know. However, there is no need to wait until circumstances turn against you; Touba will provide you and your loved ones with amulets to protect against a black magic spell before it happens.


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